IT Services

Email SPAM services

This service uses a system called SpamAssassin software to evaluate the probability of an email being classed as 'junk', defined by frequently updated widely available rule sets and a custom database maintained by IT Services staff.


  • Evaluate and score probability of emails being classed as junk/spam
  • Evaluation occurs as part of normal email delivery flow


All University staff and students are eligible for this service.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We aim to respond to service requests within one working day and to resolve your query/request within ten working days. If your request is considered to be a priority when triaged by our IT Support Centre, the response time will be adjusted accordingly.


This service is available 24/7.

Support hours

8am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

How to request/access

Access to the services provided can be requested via the IT Support Centre: