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Research software and data engineering

The members of the Research Software Engineering team are professional software developers with particular expertise in creating software for academic research. Our goal is to enhance The University of Manchester's capacity to produce high quality scientific software by working with researchers to create reliable, sustainable and efficient code. We are available to collaborate with you on the software engineering aspects of your research projects.

The team encompasses a wide range of skills across a variety of platforms and technologies and we have experience in domains that span the breadth of research activity at the University. Research Software Engineering support can be incorporated into research projects of any length, at varying levels of FTE. Our software engineers can be embedded in your team, much like a PDRA, or work independently to develop the necessary customized tools and platforms for your project.

We enable reproducible research through the application of robust and repeatable software systems and can raise the impact of your research by producing usable, documented software outputs suitable for public release.


Research software engineering support is available for research staff and post graduate researchers on a funded basis.

To talk about Research Software and Data Engineering support for your project, please contact Robert Haines:

Charging details

Research Software and Data Engineering engagements operate on a cost recovery basis. If you are in the process of putting together your grant application we can be included on it directly. We have a flat rate (which includes “on costs”) of £48368 per annum, which we can apply on a pro rata basis if required. If you would like to engage us on a project for which you already have funds our rates are:

  • RCUK and charity funded projects: £220 per day
  • For commercially funded work, please get in touch

Periodically we intend to make Research Software Engineering support available on a free at point of use basis. We will allocate this effort using an open application process when we have the available capacity to do so.