IT Services

File storage

As a student or member of staff, you automatically have access to a secure storage area to save your work.

This storage area is sometimes referred to as your 'P:Drive'. This is because it maps to the drive letter 'P' on University computers.

You can access your personal storage area in one of three ways:

1. From a PC cluster

Log in to a University computer and you will be able to access the 'Documents' folder from the computer desktop. You can also restore previous and deleted versions of documents by right-clicking on the relevant folder.

2. My Manchester

Log in to My Manchester with your IT username and password and select 'My Documents' from the top right hand side.

3. Online from anywhere

When you're not connected to the University network (e.g working from home), you can access your storage by visiting the P Drives website:

Filing cabinet (old)

File storage