IT Services

Restricted Intelligence: Season 2

Impression Points

Chloe calls Jack on Skype to see how he’s settling into his new office over in the States. He brags about how careful he was with the company’s sensitive information during the journey. Unfortunately, even the most extreme of precautions couldn’t save Jack from the charms of a beautiful industry spy…

What's in a name

Good guy Jack is just getting used to his new US office. Keen to impress his new boss and charm his new co-workers, he wastes no time in getting organised. Unfortunately for Jack, in his haste to win them over, he realises he doesn’t always know who he’s talking to…

Out of sight, out of mind

Jack’s arch nemesis from across the pond, Lionel, decides a desk move will be helpful for his career. But his casual approach to loading files online has unexpected consequences…

Like a star gate

After hearing Jack’s complaints about security restrictions on his mobile, tech nerd Ian conspiratorially offers to “help” him get around them. His reckless offer might interest Jack, but does Ian get to impress the person he’s really interested in?

It was nothing

Street smart Alex is looking for Ian; she’s in trouble and actually wants his help. Can socially awkward Ian save the company’s classified information and grab some superhero cred?

Nobody watches those things

Alex and Jack have a problem: the biggest security offender in the company is someone they can’t touch. Will the team finally pull together and combat the company’s greatest threat?