IT Services

Restricted Intelligence: Season 1

The Test

It's a regular Monday morning. Ellie tells Chloe that she's having difficulties logging on to her computer, despite using a really hard to guess password. Then Lionel complains that he can't log in either, and when Jack reports that a file is missing from his laptop, Chloe begins to suspect that the office network may be under attack. But all is not what it seems...


A chain of events is revealed in flashback, as Ellie explains to Rebecca in true CSI style. Lionel was looking for an online solution to his ‘problem' but ended up on a fake site. When he downloaded the tutorial, it allowed a key-logger on to his computer, which identified his login details. That's how Gerald's crucial product presentation got leaked and why he got angry. And you wouldn't like him when he's angry...

A Cry for Help

Gerald, who's on business in Corsica, has had his bag stolen. With his wallet, phone and laptop now missing, he has had to send an email to Jack from an internet café to ask for some help. Chloe is immediately sceptical, believing that Gerald's email account has been hacked, and wants to know how Jack can prove the email came from Gerald himself.

The Journey

Gerald and Lionel stand talking with tea in hand as they watch Chloe dart through the office frantically. She rushes over and relates that she is in a hurry and needs to get a presentation to Rebecca, but she put it on a USB key, which she can't find. The guys tease her a little and she ends up going to extreme measures in order to retrieve the USB key, ending up in a bit of a mess.

The Leak

Rebecca is on a rampage to find out how a trade industry blog got wind of their meetings with a potential joint partner in the US. She has pulled the team in to a meeting to see if they have a mole in their midst. That is, until Ellie discovers the truth.

The Lesson

Rebecca calls Ellie into her office. Inside, Rebecca delivers Ellie a hypothetical scenario, in which she (Rebecca) has not listened to her own advice and asks Ellie to help her put things right. After all, it wouldn't be good for office morale if the others in the office found out.