IT Services

Help with IT login

More than 90% of GlobalProtect login issues can be fixed without contacting IT Services.

Problems logging in

  • When the GlobalProtect login box pops up on a staff computer, the address in the ‘Portal’ box should read - type it in if it's missing or incorrect.
  • If you are an undergraduate and postgraduate taught student then the 'Portal box should read instead.
  • Before entering your password, ensure you have clicked on the 'Password' box, otherwise you may type it in the wrong place.

Unexpected Duo notifications

We are aware of an issue where some people are receiving unexpected notifications from the Duo app on their smartphone. If this happens when you have not just attempted to log in, please deny the login request. We are working to fix the problem, but one way to avoid the prompts is to shut down your computer at the end of your working day, particularly before a weekend.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a range of questions and answers about using 2-factor authentication from Duo with the GlobalProtect VPN including:

  • Getting to know Duo and 2-factor authentication
  • Using your smartphone or a Duo key fob to verify your identity
  • Securing University email
  • Privacy and use of data
  • Account security
  • Travelling abroad
  • Using teaching spaces

Video guides

If you'd like to see the enrolment process and how to use the new VPN and 2-factor authentication service, take a look at our short videos: