IT Services

Encryption passwords

Encryption passwords must not be the same as your University account password.

If someone needs to access an encrypted file or a shared encrypted laptop, the encryption password will need to be shared, unlike your University password which should always be kept private.

Suggested format

A long and complex password is a necessary part of encryption security. An encryption password should contain a random mix of upper case and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. Computers and mobile devices should have an encryption password of 20 characters or more. Encrypted files should have a minimum of 7 characters, though longer encryption passwords are recommended.

Dictionary words should be avoided, but a mnemonic which will help you remember the password is recommended.

For example, l0nDon_o!yP1c5tw3Ntyi2 (London Olympics 2012).

Forgotten passwords

If you forget the encryption password for a file or USB stick, then the data will be inaccessible. In the case of laptops encrypted by the University, IT Services will store a recovery disk that will enable the laptop password to be reset.

Set of old keys