IT Services

A digital university, for a digital world

IT Modernisation is part of the University’s Professional Support Services Portfolio of strategic projects, working to deliver the University’s 2020 Strategic Plan.

Focussing on the vision of a digital university, the programme is reviewing and refreshing IT across the University of Manchester to map services directly to customer demand, understand the cost of providing those services and bring a new way of working for IT Services.

The programme’s objectives are to:

  1. Realign and organise IT Services in a way that allows it to quickly respond to changing University demand without compromising ways of working, service delivery, allotted budgets or standard procedures
  2. Take advantage of current and future technology innovation, to improve ways of working and service delivery while reducing costs
  3. Clearly articulate the cost of technology services within the University, so informed choices can be made about future investment or the impact of macro-environmental factors, eg: fluctuating student numbers, estates footprint, or increased online learning demand

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